West Columbia Police Department Monthly Statistical Review shows an increase in incidents in February

West Columbia Police Chief Marion Boyce released a Monthly Statistical Review of crime and call-related data that included information for January and February.

The West Columbia intersections where the most accidents occurred in February were:

  • Sunset Blvd. @ Harbor Drive – 4
  • Sunset Blvd. @ W. Hospital Drive – 3
  • Augusta Rd. @ Dreher Rd. – 3
  • Augusta Rd. @ Danwood Drive -3

According to the report, the WCPD made 326 traffic stops in January and 423 in February.
Officers filed 292 reports in January and 331 in February.

There were 47 arrests made in January and 71 made in February.
There were 183 warnings written in January and 255 written in February.

There were 89 collisions reported in January and 95 reported in February.

There were 8 vehicle break-ins in January and 20 in February. In 75% of the theft from vehicle incidents, no force was used.

There were 6 burglary reports in January and
14 in February.

There were 5 DUIs in January and 9 in February,

There were 10 vehicle thefts in January and 11 in February.

  • Feb total call for service were as follows:
  • Suspicious person 149
  • Alarm 112
  • Larceny 99
  • Accident 97
  • Civil 75
Sunset at Harbor Drive