West Columbia employees receive pins for years of service

City of West Columbia – Anna Huffman photos

City of West Columbia employee received their pins for years on the job, Tuesday at the West Columbia City Council meeting.

West Columbia Mayor Pro-Tem presented a 20 year pin to Rachel Nance, 25 year pins to Mary Oliver and WCPD Assistant Chief Scott Morrison, and a 30 year pin to Cindy Webber.

Mayor Pro-Tem Jimmy Brooks presented 15 year pins to Ronald Fair, Page McCraw, and Bruce Wade.
Brooks presented 10-year pins to Assistant Administrator Justin Black, Trip Holland, Kellen West, Jamie Hook, and Bob Barnhardt.

Miles presented 5 year pins to Mayor Pro-Tem Jimmy Brooks, Councilman Trevor Bedell, Wayne Shuler, James Auld, Steven Mims, Ash Aldridge, Kelvin Ashe, John Jones, Erik McElhenny, and Michael Washington.