Was it an Earthquake “BOOM” Friday night or Lake Murray gas line release?

Some residents in Cayce and West Columbia reported an earthquake-like experience Friday night.

One report from the SC Emergency Management Division said it was from a gas line release at the Lake Murray Dam. A later post from the same source said there was a 2.4 magnitude earthquake west of Columbia.

Cindy Corley of Cayce asked between 9:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., Friday, on Facebook: “What the heck just rocked our house? Did anyone else feel the earth shake?” She had 34 replies. some from West Columbia and many of them confirming they felt it, too.

Lake Murray Dam – (Photo from Capital City/Lake Murray Country Regional Tourism Board)

A tweet from the SC Emergency Management Division reads: “the SC Office of Regulatory Staff confirms the loud boom heard/felt in the midlands (Friday night) was a relief valve on a natural gas line near Saluda (the Lake Murray) Dam. ORS says the valve activated to prevent a rupture of the gas line. Safety systems worked as intended.
There is no danger to residents. Crews are working on the line, so you can expect the smell of gas in the area. This natural gas line is not owned by Dominion Energy. The Saluda Dam at Lake Murray is fine.”

The SC Emergency Management Division, in a Tweet around 6:30 a.m. Saturday, posted: “USGS (US Geological Survey) confirms a 2.4 magnitude (earthquake) occurred (west of Columbia) in the Midlands at 8:37 Friday night, December 11, 2020″