Thompson’s Funeral Home is closing its State Street, West Columbia location

It’s a landmark building. Thompson’s Funeral Home, on State Street in West Columbia is closing that location.

Thompson’s announced on Friday that it is relocating all business to include preneed arrangements from its West Columbia location to the upgraded location in Lexington at 4720 Augusta Road.

The announcement also reads: “Though our West Columbia facility is historic, our Lexington location offers a larger space and is better able to accommodate the beautiful end of life celebrations families have come to expect from us.”

The rest of the announcement is below.

“Families can expect these benefits from our Lexington location:
-More personal touch options, including our ShareLife multi-sensory experience where we create unique, personalized services for the families we serve
-A larger event space
-Dedicated catering areas
-More parking
-Convenient access for our community members with disabilities
As we grow to meet the needs of our community, we will continue to provide the exceptional level of care you have grown to know from all of us at Thompson Funeral Homes!”