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First responders on the scene of a crash in Lexington

Personnel from the Lexington Police Department, EMS and Lexington County Fire Services were on the scene of a collision, right after 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. The crash occurred at the intersection of West Main Street (US-1) and Swartz Road. As a result of the crash, outbound lanes were being diverted around […]


Crash in Lexington slows traffic

The Lexington Police Department reported a collision on East Main Street (US-1) near Library Hill Lane, after 1 p.m., Wednesday that affected inbound lanes. Police asked drivers to look for an alternate route while emergency crews were on the scene and worked to clear the road. By 2 p.m. the […]


Police respond to crashes in Lexington

The Lexington Police Department worked a two-car collision in the 4700 block of Sunset Blvd. (US-378) Friday after 11 a.m. Police asked drivers to seek an alternate route to avoid this traffic congestion. The collision was caused by a driver failing to yield the right away. The LPD was also […]