Savage Craft Ale Works is opening Jan. 30

Savage Craft Ale Works is opening Jan. 30

On its social media page, in large letters, the date 1-30-2021 is published with hashtags announcing the grand opening the hashtags are: #grandopening #serveupsavage #worththewait #eraofsavage #savageiscoming #scbreweryopening

Savage Craft is at 430 Center Street in West Columbia, just off of State Street in the River District. It’s in the old City Hall and Fire Station building.

Savage Craft’s website has this: “Savage Craft Ale Works is a veteran-owned beverage company that is committed to providing the highest quality products while providing an unparalleled experience for those that visit our taproom. We apply the same disciplined approach to constantly improving and refining our craft that we learned as members of this great country’s military.”

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