Primal Gourmet announces its “temporary closure” due to “perfect storm of bad circumstances”

Via social media, Primal Gourmet, 725 Meeting St., West Columbia, announced it’s closing, Tuesday. The message was posted on Facebook. A copy of the message is posted below:

It is with a heavy heart that we are formally announcing a temporary closure of Primal Gourmet. We have been hit with a perfect storm of bad circumstances that many in our industry have also experienced, and we are not satisfied that we can currently provide our services with the quality and value we promise our customers.

We are already working on a version of Primal that will be superior to who we are now, and also provide top quality experiences even in the current challenging climate of the foodservice industry.

We could not be any more disappointed that this must happen, but make no mistake, we will be back in the coming weeks better, stronger, and more local-er than ever before! So please bear with us as we continue with our journey, and keep an eye out for updates as we have news to share. THANK YOU for believing in us all these years! The full explanation from our owner is below. This isn’t goodbye, it’s SEE YOU SOON!!!