Mota Crosslinking Business Academy featured in West Columbia Newsletter

Mota Crosslinking Business Academy is all about helping others. It is in Triangle City at 633 12th Street, West Columbia. Its mission is to connect, unite, and diversify in the business world.

Vanessa Mota and Ulises Chavez, Laurie Rowe.

“We bring the business community together,” said Vanessa Mota, who owns Mota Crosslinking with her husband Ulises Chavez.

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At the 12th Street site, Mota Crosslinking Business Academy offers classes, courses, workshops, bilingual business consultation, crosslinking marketing services, business development, coaching, co-working spaces, and meeting rooms.

While the resources are abundant at Mota Crosslinking Business Academy, its relationship with people is the most important factor for Vanessa and Ulises. “We work to bring cultures and classes together,” said Vanessa.

Laurie Rowe is the assistant director at Mota Crosslinking Business Academy. She explained that Mota Crosslinking
Business Academy organizes several business days to highlight diverse cultures throughout the year. The business
days include the communities of Latino, African American, Asian-American/ Pacific Islanders, and European Business

On May 27, 2021, the Asian-American/Pacific Islanders Business Day was held. Several businesses with owners from the Asian Community were honored at the event. After the program, a feast was held featuring food from China, Thailand, India, and the Pacific Islands.

Vanessa said West Columbia is a great location for all businesses, which is why flags from 15 countries adorn the sign at the Mota Crosslinking office. Vanessa said she is here to help everyone.

“We are inclusive, not exclusive. We want to build partnerships in the community,” said Vanessa.