Lexington Medical Center CEO Tod Ausberger says COVID spike is dangerous and precautions should be taken

COVID, or the Delta Variant, is making a serious comeback.

Speaking of the latest spike in COVID numbers, West Columbia Mayor Tem Miles said “It’s a very sad affair. I absolutely believe we’re in the middle of a health crisis.” His comments were made at the West Columbia City Council meeting, Tuesday.

Tod Ausberger at council meeting

Then Tod Ausberger, President & CEO Lexington Medical Center addressed council.
He said 184 beds were filled with COVID patients and 50 out of the 184 were on ventilators. Of the184, 17 had been vaccinated.

He said the Delta Variant of COVID is fast-spreading and effecting younger people. He called the COVID situation “dangerous.”

Ausberger also said ER wait times are eight hours plus and caregivers are struggling after watching people die. He recounted the case of a 28-year-old pregnant woman who died last week of COVID and had her baby removed.

Ausberger advised the public to get the vaccine and use a mask. He said taking those precautions does not solve the COVID problem, but it slows it down