Lexington gas line break results in mandatory evacuations, I-20, Augusta Road were closed

A natural gas line break in Lexington, Thursday afternoon, between Augusta Road (US 1) and Dooley Road resulted in I-20 being closed and mandatory evacuations.

By Friday morning, after 7 p.m., Augusta Road was fully reopened, inbound and outbound lanes. Any business that was asked to evacuate Thursday afternoon could return to work as usual Friday morning.

All lanes of Augusta Road (US-1 near I-20) and I-20 were closed. Interstate traffic was also detoured from I-20 at South Lake Drive (SC-6) and I-20 at Sunset Boulevard around the area of the gas line break. Augusta Road traffic was detoured at Cedercrest Drive and Cedar Drive/Dooley Road.

Crews from Dominion Energy were on hand to repair the line after 5 p.m. Evacuations were ordered for two businesses on Cedar Road (beside I-20) and at one residence the occupants were asked to shelter in place, according to the Lexington Police Department.

As crews worked to repair the gas line a strong storm, with lightening, hit the area and work had to be suspended until the storm passed.

Around 11:30 p.m. the Lexington Police Department stated: Thanks to the work of Dominion Energy and the Lexington County Fire Service, both directions of I-20 were opened and both outbound and one lane inbound of Augusta Road (US-1) reopened. One inbound lane of Augusta Road remained closed late Thursday night while work continued on the gas line.

Blocked off area