Lexington 2 will not implement, in-person class attendance before Nov. 12

Lexington Two School students will not go back to a five-day-a-week schedule before Nov. 12. That date is the end of the first nine weeks.

District students now attend school in-person two days a week, or all virtually.

“Right now we have a good plan,” said Lexington Two Superintendent Bill James. He said it is as good or better than other districts.

A possible return-to-normal date was discussed at a special meeting, Monday. James said the district is working on a plan – in accordance with a previous recommendation – that could phase back some students five days a week beginning Nov. 12. The plan was approved by the Board.

If that plan is not implemented, the district would address a return again on Dec. 1, after the Thanksgiving break.

The students that would come back first would be Lexington Two Innovation Center students, four-year-old kindergarten students-through second grade, sixth-graders, and self-contained special education students.

James said the current plan is to let students return to school on a normal schedule when there is a moderate-to-low moderate rate of COVID positive tests. That would be under 200 cases for every 100,000 people tested. A COVID test update will be presented by Nov. 7.

James also said some parts of the district have higher rates of COVID infection than others. He said a school or classes could be closed if they have 10 percent or 20 percent infection rates, respectively.

James also said the district was given 6,000 plexiglass shields from the state that will have to be mounted in the classrooms.

Lexington School District One and Lexington-Richland Five have already begun returning to school four-or-five days a week.

Monday’s special meeting