Lexington 2 schools to return to 5-days-a-week beginning Nov. 12

The Lexington School District Two Board voted to return-to-school five days a week, Nov. 12, Tuesday night.

Hybrid students are now going to school two days a week. Hybrid students returning Nov. 12 will be: four-year-old kindergarten to second-grade students; self-contained special education students grades kindergarten-through- 12th-grade; and Lexington Two Innovation Center students.
The rest of the hybrid students will be allowed to return to five days on Dec. 2.

Virtual students who take all classes at home now, with be allowed to return to five days on Jan 4.

Lexington Two Superintendent Bill James said about two-thirds of the district’s 8,000-plus students are on the hybrid, two-day a week schedule now.

James will monitor COVID cases for spikes and decisions will be made about individual schools for the rest of the school year.

James, who attended the meeting virtually as he awaits results from a COVID test, said the district has up-to 6,000 plexiglass dividers that could be installed.

Lexington Two Board meeting, Tuesday.