Lexington 2 reverting back to virtual-only classes to begin 2021

Lexington School District Two had gone back to five days of a week of face-to-face instruction in schools for the last few weeks of 2020.

On Wednesday, the district announced it is shifting back to full-time remote-only learning for the first week of 2021, because of COVID fears.

The district in an email stated it: “decided to make a temporary shift to remote learning for the first week of classes after (Christmas) break, January 4-8, 2021, for all students not enrolled in our full-time Virtual Academy.”

Also, for the week of January 4-8, there will be no athletics, clubs, activities and/or events held on school grounds.  

The email stated that the decision to offer virtual only classes is “based on what we experienced starting 10 days or so after the Thanksgiving holiday and through the start of winter break — a steady rise in cases and quarantines.” An email a week before, stated that there were 30 positive COVID tests in a student population of 8,500. More than 570 were quarantined.

On Jan. 4, students who had chosen face-to-face instruction, will now have remote learning only.

The email also stated: “While it is the intention to have this adjustment be temporary, the district will communicate further transition plans and details on Monday, January 4.”

Students who had returned in 2020 were required to wear masks and shields have been installed for more protection. See photo of Springdale Elementary below.