Lex 2 schools begin 2021 with virtual only classes, Special Board meeting, Monday

Lexington Two announced that the first week back from Christmas break, beginning Monday Jan. 4, that all students will be instructed via virtually only because of COVID-19 fears. There is no in-person option.

Lexington 2 also announced Sunday that the district’s Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Monday for “Discussion of a Contractual Matter.” The meeting will be conducted remotely for the public, and may be viewed at

SC Department of Education photo.

Classes from Monday, January 4, through Friday, January 8, will be remote for all pre-K-12  in-person students. Students will still have school/instruction, but all learning will take place virtually. Those enrolled in the full-time Lexington Two Virtual Academy will not be affected.

Students expected to transition to new instructional models on January 4, based on family requests last fall, will still make the change. Students moving from the Virtual Academy to face-to-face instruction will have remote learning for the week with their anticipated January 4 teacher(s), while those moving from face-to-face instruction to the Virtual Academy will be part of the Virtual Academy with their anticipated January 4 teacher(s).

For the week of January 4-8, there will be no athletics, clubs, activities and/or events held on school grounds. 

Free student meals will be offered for curbside pickup during the remote learning week, but they must be reserved in advance. Click here for details.

Lexington Two’s decision was made in anticipation of a surge in cases following the winter break, mirroring the district’s experience not long after the end of Thanksgiving break. District officials hope the temporary return to remote learning January 4-8 will slow the exposure of students and staff to COVID-19, with the goal of returning to a safe learning environment.

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