Large sewage spill results in a no-swimming advisory for the Congaree River

The City of Columbia is reported a large sewer spill , Wednesday, that impacted the Congaree River near the Blossom Street Bridge.

Because of the volume of the spills, a swimming advisory is being issued for the Congaree River from the confluence of the Saluda and Broad rivers in West Columbia, downstream to the Rosewood Landing in Columbia. People should avoid contact with the river in this area, and be cautious of any sewage along the Riverwalks.

An update at 8 a.m. Thursday reads: The City of Columbia is reporting that as of 2 a.m., Thursday, all sewer overflows have stopped.

The City’s Notification from Wednesday: The City of Columbia is experiencing an overflow of sanitary sewer near 100 Wheat Street in Richland County

A blockage in the force main appears to be causing the overflow of sanitary sewer entering the Congaree River. City of Columbia staff confirmed the overflow at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. City crews diverted the flow from the pump station to a gravity line to mitigate the overflow.

This advisory is being extended to the Cayce Riverwalk along the Congaree River.
The City of Columbia described it as a very large spill.

Later the city reported active spills behind the USC baseball stadium, and several locations along the Cayce and West Columbia Riverwalks.