Controversy erupts as Town of Lexington reinstates mask ordinance

Lexington Town Council reinstated a mask ordinance at a meeting Monday.
It requires a face covering in grocery stores, pharmacies, big box stores and other retail establishments in the Town Limits. The vote was 5-2.

Based on the comment section of the Town of Lexington’s Facebook page (link here.) Many are vehemently opposed to the mask ordinance, while others support it. As of early Wednesday morning, more than 725 people had commented on the Facebook page announcing the ordinance reinstatement.

The case against masks.

Here’s a link to the public forum portion of the special meeting to discuss masks.

Lexington had a mask ordinance before, but let it expire in early November. There was not enough support on council to extend it at that time. The new rule could remain in place until May 1, but it also could be rescinded by council before May.

Council cited rise in positive COVID cases in Lexington County as the reason reinstate the ordinance. But many against the ordinance said the mask ordinance has a harmful effect, especially children, because it isolates people. Opponents of the masks also said there is not conclusive evidence masks help, and the fear of COVID is destroying small businesses.