Shooting at Columbiana Centre Mall results in injuries, heavy law enforcement on the scene

The Columbia Police Department has confirmed that people were injured during a shooting at Columbiana Center mall, Saturday after 2 p.m. — the injured are receiving medical attention. The extent of injuries unknown at this time. Police officers evacuated the mall and were getting people to safety.

The Lexington Sheriff reported that the reunification site for those with loved ones involved in the Columbiana Mall shooting is the Fairfield Inn at 320 Columbiana Drive.

Guybson “The Spartan” Sa Posted on Facebook: “Scariest situation I’ve been with my two daughters. Sounded like a thunderstorm for about 8-12 seconds and people started dropping like crazy while running desperate.
I’m not sure what happened but I hope everyone is safe. There’s over 100 first responders on sight already and we are trying to drive out of here.”
His video shows people fleeing the mall.

At 3:56 p.m. the Columbia Police Department reported that “Law enforcement teams have been strategically making sure that the Columbiana Center has been ‘cleared.’ No other reports of injuries.

For those people still inside the mall, you can call 9-1-1 or 803-252-2911 and tell the dispatchers your location. Columbia Dispatchers will notify law enforcement immediately. Again, multiple law enforcement agencies/ officers are on scene to assist