City of Cayce ends mask mandate

Cayce City Council voted to repeal its face coverings mandate, Wednesday.

After the vote, the City of Cayce published to following announcement:

In accordance with the requirements of the recent Executive Order issued by Governor Henry McMaster, the members of our Cayce City voted to repeal Emergency Ordinance 2021-15 concerning Face Coverings.

However, it is important that our citizens and our businesses know that we didn’t take this decision lightly. While we can no longer require our Cayce businesses to implement a face covering rule, we do feel that it is their right to require or not to require masks in their own business establishment.

If our citizens, and the visitors coming into our City, are in a business that still feels it is best to require a face covering, we ask that you please be considerate and kind and follow their guidelines.

Wednesday night, Mayor Elise Partin stated, “Vaccine rates are at 35% in our State. That means 6-7 people out of every 10 have not yet been vaccinated. And while we have to repeal our face covering ordinance because we can no longer base that on the Governor’s emergency order, what we ask is for wisdom and kindness.” She continued, “The people in our Cayce businesses work hard and have every right to ask patrons to wear a face covering.”