Cayce Sanitation Department personnel receive Whole Sole Award

Personnel from the Cayce Sanitation Department have been given the Whole Sole Award by Mayor Elise Partin.

The city workers went above and beyond the call of  duty for a Cayce resident. Honored specifically were: Johnny Adkin; James Jeffcoat; and James Wise. On Oct. 27, a Cayce resident fell near her home.

View Mayor Elise Partin awarding the Whole Sole Award

The Cayce sanitation team saw her and came over to her aid. They walked her home, stayed with her until they knew she was going to receive medical assistance. They also made sure she was not alone, said Partin. 

The resident contacted the City and let city leaders know about what happened. She also used social media sites like Next Door and Facebook to say she was “overwhelmed by their kindness. Congratulations to these outstanding members of the City of Cayce staff.