Brookland-Cayce radio sports announcer Mike Hagins gets kidney transplant

Mike Hagins is the radio voice of Brookland-Cayce High School athletics via his radio station, 1620 AM-The Dove.

Mike Hagins

Late last week, Hagins, a BC grad, who has been on dialysis for years, went to the hospital for a kidney transplant. Brookland Cayce’s football team and Cheer team gathered to send Hagins well wishes before he departed.

“I’ve been broadcasting BC athletics for 12 years and this really moved me,” Hagins said in a message to the teams. “Look what the kids and coaches did for me. The cheerleaders and football team. What a special group of kids and coaches and a special place.”

Kirt Pichey is Hagins’ radio announcer booth partner. He published an update on Hagins Friday at about 5 p.m.

“Heard from Mike’s mother,” Pichey wrote. “Everything went great. The donor and (Mike) are both doing fine.”

BC football team
BC cheer team