Brookland-Cayce High School students conduct record-setting food drive

From Dawn Kujawa – Lexington Two Communications Director – Student Council members at Brookland-Cayce High School tallied a record-setting food drive this month to benefit those in need.

The school brought in 12,248 canned goods and other items — including 206 cases of water — as part of a food drive to benefit Harvest Hope Food Bank.  

“I think after the year we had last year, and the crazy year we have had given COVID, we all wanted something to promote unity and school camaraderie,” said Brookland-Cayce teacher and council adviser Ryan Van Omen. “We came together as a Bearcat family to give back to our community to show that even though times may be crazy, we are still Bearcat strong. The healthy competition among classes and the morale boost this provided reminded everyone what it means to be a Bearcat.”

The food drive was held at the school from April 13-23.