1750 British coin part of Cayce Historical Museum’s “50 Objects” exhibit

The Cayce Historical Museum has a 1750 British Coin in its collection.
The rare coin was found in what is now part of the City of Cayce.

The coin is an item in the Cayce Historical Museum’s “History of Cayce in 50 Objects” exhibit. This month, the museum began a series highlighting one object a week on each Friday. The objects are from prehistoric times through the 21st century.

According to a social media post from the City of Cayce: “This is going to be a fantastic unveiling; not just of these 50 objects, but of 50 stories that will walk you through the unique history of our region! This is something you don’t want to miss!”

About the coin displayed in week one:
It’s a “Half Penny Copper Coin minted at the Royal Mint in London and found at the original site of the Chesnut and Kershaw Trading Post (1765-1780). This was also the site of Fort Granby and the Cayce House. This structure and the land it sat on is now gone because the site had been quarried. On one side of the coin it depicts Britannia sitting on a globe, extending an olive branch and holding a spear. On the obverse is an image of King George II (1727-1760). Possibly lost by customer in the colonial period at the trading post or store.”