West Columbia takes precautions in plans for Kinetic Derby Day – Register now

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The City of West Columbia is taking precautions now, with hopes of presenting safer events in the future.

West Columbia’s Kinetic Derby Day, held at State and Meeting Streets, is scheduled for Sept. 26.

“We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we can move forward,” said West Columbia Mayor Tem Miles. “It’s more than two months out and we want to plan for Kinetic Derby Day. It has become our favorite event.”

It is the third Kinetic Derby Day and it is time to start planning. The event allows its participants to get out and explore their inner child and display their quirky and creative side by building a Kinetic Derby Day sculpture.
Currently, Kinetic Derby Day planners are working on procedures to make sure it is a safe event. Kelli Ricard, Events Manager for the City of West Columbia said the city will follow guidelines from accerateSC. That includes informing the public of the procedures that will be implemanted at Kinetic Derby Day.

Guidelines being considered are:

  • The installation of markers, sign, videos and messages to indicate correct social distances for guests;
  • The determination of appropriate guest capacity levels;
  • The installation of sneeze guards in front of commonly used point-of-sale or guest service stations;
  • Consistent sanitizing schedule for surfaces frequently used by guests or employees;
  • Providing accessible sanitizing locations throughout the event;
  • The reconfiguring of seating areas to allow for adequate spacing;
  • Ensuring exits are configured to reduce bottlenecks and large gatherings;
  • Consideration of timed entry to the event.

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The mayor wants to see what you come up with.

“We’re encouraging everyone to build your contraption for the parade and come to the parade,” said Miles.

The Kinetic Sculpture Parade takes place on Meeting Street. The adult soap box derby racing is also on Meeting Street. Adults have two race categories, Art Cars and Need For Speed. Children ages eight-and-up will race on Meeting Street, too.

This year there there is a “dirty run” and a “clean run” for the Kinetic Sculpture Parade with obstacles that the sculptures can drive through to get dirty and increase the fun.

As for the soap box races, eastbound, down the hill on Meeting Street, the cars are being prepared.

“We have not started work on our soap box car yet,” said Miles. “We’re still planning our strategy. But we know from participating last year that the races are the best kind of family fun and we have some teams we plan to beat this year. So they better be ready.

Invest your time now for a chance to shine on Kinetic Derby Day. Sept. 26 is not that far away, but it’s far enough away to give you time to design the perfect Kinetic derby Day Sculpture or a soap box racer that can’t be beat. So what are you waiting for? Register today for the 2020 Kinetic Derby Day in West Columbia.