West Columbia residents thankful for city’s storm response

A tree fell on Sunset Bouldvard early Saturday morning. West Columbia crews worked to clear the road.

After storms blew down trees and caused a power outage, members of the Westover Acres Community Crime watch issued “a big thank you” to City of West Columbia Public Works Director Jamie Hook and all of his crew at the city of West Columbia Sanitation department for “not one time, but two times this week.” City crews went above and beyond the call of duty, working until 9:30 pm on Thursday night from the first storm to cut and remove and haul away all the fallen trees and limbs. Crews also worked all day on Friday and then again Saturday after Friday night’s storm.

West Columbia Public Works crew after storm Thursday

One Westover Acres Community Crime Watch member said: “We have the best sanitation department ever. and “I’m proud to be a resident of West Columbia where we also have a top-notch water department and police department.”

West Columbia Police Department dispatchers were working hard to answer calls during the storm. The city also issued the message: “Please be careful as you move through the city as there are down power lines and accidents in the area.”

There was also storm damage in Cayce.

A message from the City of Cayce said “Crews are working diligently across the City of Cayce responding to numerous trees down and power outages.

City crews were working to remove trees from roads.

But it was not all bad. One Cayce resident, in a Facebook post, said: “As I’m sitting here on the porch, kids outside.  A lot of neighbors sitting on their porches, it’s a reminder of how things used to be. No power and it’s awesome outside. Life is good.”