Visitors thankful for West Columbia Riverwalk

Natalia Kullish, front, of Fayettville, NC was visiting Olena Gorgillo, Tuesday.

There is much appreciation for West Columbia’s Riverwalk.

Seth Robertson, a high-schooler from Forest Acres said he was tired of sitting at home and watching TV, so he and fellow high school student Lucy Denouden of Rosewood, came to West Columbia’s Riverwalk, Tuesday.

“It’s good to get outside,” said Robertson. “I’m glad Riverwalk is open.”
Denouden said it’s nice to have a place like Riverwalk to get out and walk.

“We love the scenery and being outdoors,” she said.

There were lots of visitors to Riverwalk Tuesday, even as rising waters of the Congaree River threatened to close potions of the trail.

Natalia Kullish of Fayettville, NC was visiting Olena Gorgillo, who works for the SC Department of Motor Vehicles and lives in Noertheat Columbia.

Gorgillo had her two children in tow and Kullish has her son with her on Riverwalk, Tuesday.

“It’s fun activity for the kids,” said Gorgillo. “It’s healthy, too.” She said she likes Riverwalk because it’s “beautiful, nice and long.”

Seth Robertson and Lucy Denouden