UPDATE: Picture taken at the corner of 13th St/US 1 – Did a gator once live here?

We asked last week: Do you know where this business was on Augusta Highway in West Columbia?

Bill Mooneyhan of Mooneyhan’s Auto Service provided the copy of the photo. He said the picture is the “gas station where the K-Stop (pictured below) is now. It’s right in front of the former motel that is now the pawn shop. It’s at the corner of 13th St. and Augusta (US 1.)

Bill said there is a legend that there was a bay in the old station- that the owner, at the time, filled with water. He said legend has it that an alligator was put into the bay. The alligator, according to the story, came from Horseshoe Pond, that was adjacent (across the street) from the gas station.

K-Stop, 13th St. at US 1 – West Columbia Google Image-use permitted.