The COMET Implements More COVID-19 Safety Measures

In monitoring COVID-19, The COMET is striving to exhaust all measures to keep passengers safe. Understanding the potential challenges that the community may face in the coming weeks, we continue to encourage all riders to limit travel to only that which is essential. As we attempt to be of service to our community, and recognizing the importance of social distancing, we have also taken stronger steps to direct our passengers to observe a safe distance while riding.

At this time, the COMET will continue running a Saturday schedule (Monday-Saturday). Sunday schedule will remain unchanged. The following modifications have also been enacted, effective 03/31/2020:

COMET Central, located on the corner of Sumter and Laurel streets, will be temporarily closed until further notice. This helps alleviate overcrowding concerns during the peak hours of the day and helps spread out customers to different transit stop locations.

Seating on the bus will now be limited to one passenger per row to encourage safe distancing. With this change, customers will not be allowed to utilize the handrail for support. This is a conservative, but necessary, effort to control the spreading of germs.
Buses will display “Bus is Full” marquee once all seats are taken, with respect to social distancing, to prevent overcrowding.

In addition to the stay-at-home ordinance implemented by the City of Columbia, we are encouraging all Columbia residents to adhere to the guidelines set forth. As new information continues to develop, we will reevaluate all changes to ensure that maximum services are being provided.