President Trump orders more unemployment pay, and a payroll tax deferral

President Donald Trump on Saturday moved to defer payroll taxes and extend expired unemployment benefits after Congress failed to pass a new coronavirus rescue package.

From Bedminster, New Jersey, Trump signed four executive orders to help Americans amid the coronavirus crisis that is threatening the country’s economy.

Trump White House photo

Trump moved to continue paying a supplemental federal unemployment benefit of $400-a-week to Americans out of work because of state government-ordered shutdowns.

Congress allowed those payments to lapse on Aug. 1. The unemployed in South Carolina will also receive a state-funded benefit.

Trump also added a deferral of payroll tax and federal student loan payments and the continuation of a freeze on some residential evictions during the crisis.

“It’s $400 a week, and we’re doing it without the Democrats,” Trump said. Trump indicated unspent funds from previous coronavirus relief bills could be used, too.