Massive response to 2nd House of Raeford Community Chicken sale

Meeting Street

Cars are in a line that stretches to the East Point Academy campus on Sunset Boulevard in West Columbia. On Meeting Street, the line is from State Street to Ninth Street. From the east, vehicles are backed up over the Gervais Street Bridge.

The response is massive to the second House of Raeford’s Community Chicken sale. The sale is of drumsticks, thighs, tenders and wings a much-discounted price is drawing droves of buyers.

The sale is from 9 a.m. until noon at 441 Sunset Blvd, in West Columbia. Sales are cash only.

The number of people coming out is unbelievable,” said Steve Cohen who is volunteering to help conduct the event dubbed: Community Chicken Sale 2.0.

Tenders and wings are $40 for a 40-pound box. Drumsticks and thighs are $10 a box. House of Raeford is conducting the sale to help provide product during the coronavirus crisis.

Last week, on April 7, House of Raeford sold 200,000 pounds of chicken, said Chuck Underhill of House of Raeford. The response is far greater this week, based on the number in line, than last week.

Sunset Blvd.