Town of Lexington, Richland County pass ordinances to require a mask in public

The town of Lexington, Richland County, and Forest Acres, have passed mandatory mask ordinances.

The Town of Lexington passed an emergency ordinance mandating people going into businesses must wear a mask. It took effect immediately, Thursday.

According to Lexington’s ordinance: “The town council and the town of Lexington has determined, based on the recommendations of public health experts and responsive to a serious threat to the public health, and welfare of its citizens, that it would serve the public interest” to require masks in certain situations and locations.

People are required to wear face coverings inside grocery stores, pharmacies and other retail and commercial businesses open to the public.
The people in Richland County, starting Monday, are also required to wear masks into restaurants, stores, salons and businesses.

Richland County Council approved a mask ordinance Thursday.

Forest Acres City Council also passed a mask mandate Thursday. The requirement will go into effect Monday.

There are exemptions in the Town of Lexington: Those are:
Exemptions where face masks/coverings will not be required:

  • -In outdoor or unenclosed areas where social distancing is possible
  • -For people whose religious beliefs prevent them from wearing a mask or a covering
  • -For those who cannot wear a covering due to medical or behavioral condition
  • -For children under the age of 10, provided the adults accompanying children from 2-10 years old use efforts to put masks on their child while inside enclosed retail establishments
  • -In private, individual offices
  • -In settings where it is not practical or feasible to wear a face covering, including when obtaining or rendering goods or services like dental services or swimming