Lexington 2’s plan of 2-days-a- week at school not yet accepted by SC Department of Education

None of the plans to reopen the state’s school districts have been approved, said South Carolina Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman. She addressed the S.C. House COVID-19 Public Education Committee, Wednesday.

“We have a variety of plans that are being submitted because there’s a variety of conditions across the state. So, I am not using 5-days-a-week as the criteria, there will be some five days approved, but there will be other hybrid plans approved as well,” Spearman said.

The Lexington Two school District has submitted a plan that would allow for in-person classes for two days of the week. Virtual, or on-line only, school is also an option in Lexington Two.

Limiting the number of students at schools is one of Spearman’s objectives, she said.

“I think maintaining social distancing, they want to have their children back. But, because when you have 20-25 children in a classroom, there’s really no way to maintain any type of social distancing. So they’re working with their populations, as families choose virtual that’s decreasing the number of students and they’re planning to work off of that,” Spearman said.

If students return to classrooms, Spearman is also considering a mask requirement.