J & H Movers returns lost teen’s wallet, with money

By Terry Ward – A large yellow truck drove up to my house on Cardinal Drive, West Columbia, Saturday afternoon. A very nice gentleman, with his wife, said he found a wallet, and it had our address on the ID.

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The wallet he found belonged to my son, 19. The man said there was money on the ground that had fallen out of the wallet, where he found it.

He gathered what money he could find, and put it back in the wallet. My son had placed the wallet on his car, forgot it was there, and drove off. All of the money, with a credit card was returned. I thanked the man for returning it. “God bless you,” I said. There really are some nice and honest people around. It really gave me a good feeling.

Before he drove off, the man gave me a card for J&H Movers, and said if you need moving services, here’s my card. The name Mr. Herve is on the card. He said “I’d appreciate it, if you would consider us. If you’re moving- his number is 803-497-1222