Gray Collegiate basketball team gets 2A championship rings at ceremony, Friday

The Gray Collegiate Academy Basketball team got its rings, Friday.

The team won the 2019-2020 2A State High School Championship. It was the third 2A basketball championship in a row for Gray.

“They are so many great kids and families,” said Gray head coach Dion Bethea. He referred to his players as great student-athletes. Bethea has been Gray’s coach for seven years, and he said he set out to build program that is a trendsetter, different, elite and wins championships.

Coach Dion Bethea gets his ring from Gray AD Adam Holmes. Photos by Dr. George Matsui.

He also recognized assistant coaches: Louis Dreher: Julius Lorick; Brandon Wallace; Marc Cooper, Thomas Perez, Rasheen Davis, and team manager Ryan Marion.

The players received their rings individually.

Adam Holmes, Gray’s athletic director, said “Don’t ever take this for granted.” He called the championship “special” and an “outstanding achievement.”

Dr. Brian Newsome, Gray’s principal, said it was good that the basketball season ended in February, and Gray won its championship, before school was closed amid coronavirus fears.

“I’m thankful we got to finish the playoffs,” he said.

With the new school year started already at Gray, Bethea said he expects “a lot more” winning in the future.