Governor says many businesses, beaches can reopen

Gov. Henry McMaster is allowing many retail businesses to reopen.

The order the governor issued Monday, states that department stores can reopen. So can sporting goods stores and craft stores. Also allowed to open are: jewelry stores, music, book, floral and luggage and leather goods stores. The order said they can open at noon Tuesday.

At his daily press conference McMaster said he is trying to limit damage to businesses.

The stores have to follow mandates that limit occupancy to five customers per 1,000 square feet, or 20% of posted occupancy limits.

The governor also eased state restrictions on public access to beaches and waterways, but local jurisdictions can forbid access.

Still closed are: barbershops; salons; spas; and gyms, because of the close contact involved in those businesses. Restrictions on inside dining are still in place for the time being.