Face mask required in West Columbia; here’s a list, and exclusions

Beginning at 6 a.m., on Friday, July 10, masks will be required in the places specified in the ordinance. Visit our website at for all of the details:

Businesses, where masks are required, must place a “Notice” (poster, placard, or notification, which shall be at least 8”x11”) in a conspicuous place notifying the public of the requirement to wear a face covering.

Face coverings must be worn inside any Foodservice Establishment, Retail Establishment, Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Barber Shops, Personal Hygiene Establishments, Medical Offices, and City Building including:

  • (a) grocery stores;
  • (b) pharmacies;
  • (c) commercial stores engaged in the retail sale of goods or services to the public including
  • a. sporting goods stores;
  • b. furniture and home-furnishings stores;
  • c. clothing, shoe, and clothing-accessory stores;
  • d. jewelry, luggage, and leather goods stores;
  • e. department stores;
  • f. hardware and home-improvement stores;
  • g. book, craft, and music stores;
  • h. florists and flower stores;
  • i. bars and taverns;
  • j. all other stores that sell supplies for household consumption or use;
  • (d) alcoholic beverage stores; and
  • (e) laundromats.

All Foodservice Establishments and Retail Establishments within the City must require every employee to wear a Face Covering at all times while having face-to-face interaction with the public or other employees or where social distancing of at least six feet cannot be observed at all times.

  • Face Covering will not be required:
  • (i) by any person who is unable to safely wear a Face Covering due to age or an underlying health condition;
  • (ii) by any person who is physically unable to remove the Face Covering without the assistance of others;
  • (iii) by all persons 10 years of age or under;
  • (iv) all persons whose religious beliefs prevent them from wearing a Face Covering;
  • (v) any person in a private or individual office;
  • (vi) where it is not feasible to wear a Face Covering, including
  • a. persons receiving oral health services,
  • b. persons swimming,
  • c. engaging in athletic activities;
  • (vii) for patrons of Foodservice Establishments while they are dining; and
  • (viii) by police officers, firefighters, and other first responders when not practical or engaged in a public safety matter of an emergency nature.