“Dream Deals” store to locate in Sunset Court in West Columbia

A new Dream Deals store will locate in Sunset Court.

“Pay Less for the Deals You Dream About,” is the concept behind Dream Deals, said Micky Tangri, leasing director for Horizon Commercial properties, the company managing Sunset Court.

Dream Deals buys overstocked inventory. There is something for everyone in the family said a Dream Deals spokesman. There is a Dream Deals store in Spartanburg. 

“We sell absolutely everything you can imagine. You can find anything from tablets to cosmetics, from tools to videogames,” the spokesman said. “We get containers full of products from big online retailers and we never know what we will get. We simply put the product in the bins for the consumers to come and find, it is a treasure hunt. Prices start at $6 on the restock days and are discounted every day.”

Micky Tangri – property manager.

Tangri said Dream Deals is in the process of hiring a staff and plans to open in August.

At Dream Deals, “At any moment shoppers can find big ticket products in our bins and never pay more than a fraction of their cost,” according to the company’s Facebook page.

Tangri said the store attracts lines of customers waiting to get inside the store. There are two smaller vacant properties in the shopping center. It’s across from Grecian Gardens. Sunset Court has Mai Thai and Groucho’s in it.

Bins of merchandise in the Spartanburg store