Claude A. Taylor Elementary in Cayce is gone

Claude A. Taylor Elementary, at 103 Ann Lane in Cayce, is gone.

In late June, Dawn Kujawa, Lexington Two Communications Director said in a press release demolition work was slated to begin in early July on Claude A. Taylor Elementary School in Cayce.

That school has been torn down.

Taylor alumnus Gregg Pinner – Facebook photo – Click to enlarge.

Former Taylor student Gregg Pinner, with photos of the demolished school. reminisced about his time at Taylor.

“Visited my old elementary school Claude A.Taylor one last time since they are tearing it down, said Pinner in a Facebook post. “Couldn’t wait until I was old enough to ride my bike to school and was on the safety patrol to help other kids cross the street. Got to wear the vest and a badge.”

The district release described Taylor as a 54,500-plus sq.-ft. school, originally built in 1964 on eight acres of land. Its last year in operation for students was the spring of 2017, before the opening of the new Cayce Elementary in the fall. The school served briefly as the home of the Lexington Two Innovation Center before the opening of that new facility in fall 2018.

With the school building are cleared, the site will become a community green space.

Demolition work was scheduled to begin at the end of July on Pineview Elementary, 3035 Leaphart Road in West Columbia.

The 52,300-plus square-foot school was originally built in 1968 on nine acres of land. The school closed in spring 2018, its 50th anniversary year, in advance of the opening that fall of the new Riverbank Elementary.