City of Cayce adopts new election dates

The Cayce City Council adopted a new ordinance to change the Cayce municipal election cycle to run in odd-numbered years.

The change was approved by city council Wednesday. It was made after a request from the Lexington County Commission of Registration and Elections, said Ashley Hunter, City of Cayce spokeswoman.

Currently, the City of Cayce municipal elections are held on even-numbered years. The City of Cayce was the only one of the 14 municipalities in Lexington County to have consistently held elections on even-numbered years without change.

In response to the Commission’s request, and as with all votes taken by the Mayor and members of our Cayce City Council, much due diligence and research were taken into consideration. The most important factor for our City leadership is the impact on Cayce residents and the overall process for holding a fair and open municipal election. Cayce registered voters will now vote in 2021.

The reasons provided from the Lexington County Commission of Registration and Elections to change the City’s election date from even-numbered years to odd-numbered years are as follows:
Reducing confusion at the polls. Currently many voters do not realize that there is a municipal election on the ballot as well as State and Federal Elections.

Reducing the demand on the county election staff.
Eliminating poll workers assisting voters with filling out a paper ballot.
If you need to register to vote, please visit
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