Cayce Public Safety recognizes FLOCK, House of Raeford, for generosity

Chuck Underhill, middle, with Cayce Public Safety officers.
Left is PSO Eddie West.  Right side is Corporal Josh Addy. Photo by Wilson Ward

The Cayce Department of Public Safety recognized Chuck Underhill of FLOCK, House of Raeford’s charitable arm, at the Cayce City Council meeting, Tuesday.

Cayce DPS Officer Josh Addy said House of Raeford and FLOCK “are always there and have gone above and beyond to help us with anything we need.”

“Your agency has helped us give back to so many families as well as bring unity in our community,” said Officer Eddie West of the Community Outreach Policing Services (C.O.P.S) Unit of the Cayce DPS.

“We would like to recognize your agency for their dedication, loyalty and commitment to our department,” said West.

Addy said FLOCK has donated close to 1,000 pounds of chicken to COPS in the past year.

FLOCK is an acronym for Faithful Love Offering for Christ’s Kingdom. As a nonprofit outreach program, FLOCK partners with charitable organizations to responsibly distribute resources—monetary gifts, product donations, and volunteer activities—to help meet the needs in communities where House of Raeford Farms has operations.