Be aware crossing the bridge, Columbia issues shelter-in-place order

Columbia – Gervais Street.

Be aware if you are driving across the Klapman, Gervais or Blossom Street bridges from Lexington County, into Columbia.

Columbia City Council approved a shelter-in-place order, Thursday.

The “stay home, stay safe” ordinance prohibits individuals from traveling through or congregating in the streets, or in public places in the City of Columbia because of the coronavirus threat.

It requires Columbia residents to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary.
The ordinance goes into effect at 12:01 a.m. Sunday. Residents are rquired to avoid public streets, sidewalks public places, and businesses, unless the business conducts an “essential service.”

Essential services include food services and groceries, public transportation, manufacturing operations, the news media, financial institutions, including banks.

Dry cleaners, real estate brokers, plumbers and electricians, are also exempted.