5 COVID-19 cases in West Columbia, 1 in Cayce, 3 in 29170

A majority of those tested for COVID-19 in South Carolina are receiving a negative result.

The S.C. Department of Environmental Control is reporting that more 18,976 people have been tested in the state for the coronavirus, and more than 16,927 did not have the virus.

DHEC reported 2,049 positive tests. Click here for DHEC testing data

As of Saturday, DHEC reported there were 117 cases of the coronavirus in Lexington County. There were 21 cases in the 29072 ZIP code and 13 cases reported in the 29073 ZIP code. Those were the top Zip codes for the coronavirus in Lexington County.

Click here for DHEC ZIP code data

In West Columbia, in the 29169 ZIP code, there were five cornonavirus cases reported. Last time DHEC listed cases by ZIP code, 29169 had one and 29170 (the Springdale area) had one.

As of Saturday, DHEC reported that Cayce, 29033, had one case. In the initial ZIP code report, Cayce had none.